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Monday, March 3, 2014

hello Monday...and the "heART of Winter"

For the past four years my Art Girls's RoadShow has taken planes, trains and automobiles and made the exodus from colder parts of the art-loving realm and descended upon Jeanine Taylor's glorious (sunny and warm and utterly charming) folk art gallery in Sanford, FL.

Hello Monday and HELLO SANFORD...thanks for the truly wonderful, 
Southern hospitality you extend to us. 
We feel treasured when we come to visit, and I love this trip. know it's something truly special when you are sleep-deprived and writing this from the floor of the Orlando airport and you are already looking forward to the next time you can be here with more good memories from an amazing show of talent, style and folk art!

A heartfelt thanks to Jeanine Taylor and her gallery manager, Mary Shaw for making this event possible. Thanks to Robin Marks for hosting us too!

Hello Monday and getting back into the swing of things at home...but first, here's a peek at the event...

 Fabulousness from Jocelyn O'Gorman and "The Painted Fern"...AND great news Jocelyn will be at the FAIR IN RHINEBECK WITH US (can you tell I am excited!)

The wonderful and uber talented Nancy Wiley was able to make the trip to FL for the first time...


 My fab friend Valerie Weberpal and her Harvest Moon critters were here once again...

 Lucky us, the ever festive and fun Nicole Bowen was able to make the trip too! I love her new cupcakes and soft sculptures -- we'll be posting these on Tuesday!

Lovely Laurie Meseroll made the trip once again...she has never missed this event, and is much-appreciated by the local arts community...

 And here's our Letty Worley...Letty was too busy keeping me in line for me to get many shots of the site for some new work to be posted soon, Letty has been selling out these days!

As ever we love to do our "line-up" shot for posterity!

But oh no! There is not a decent image in there of our oh so wonderful, helpful, lovely and much-treasured assistant SOPHIA BRAKE!!! Hello Monday and hello Sophie and THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING JOB YOU DID!! Sophie was too busy working for me to snap time Soph...

... and some peeks at the other loot on hand too!

So hello Monday...

Hello suitcases to unpack.
Hello to getting ready for my annual tax appointment next Sat...sigh.

Hello to my kiddos I missed you.

Hello to Michelle Sylvia, she sent me a surprise in the mail..that sweetie!

Hello Texas...we'll be there soon for our next event with Holly Kuhn and Round Top!

Hello Spring...please tell me you'll be here soon!
Hello to all our friends in Florida...See you next year in Sanford, I miss you already!

xxoo Jen


Sherri Davidson said...

Sounds like an amazing time!!
I hopped over from Lisa's Hello Monday site to say Hi!

Jen - Earth Angels said...

thanks Sherri...we loved being in Florida...wish you were there too! Thanks for stopping by...Lisa is coming to visit us in NY soon, sure hope it warms up for her!! Have a super day xxoo

Trish Moyer said...

Hi Jen! This is the first time I have visited Earth Angels! What can I say but "totally amazing!!!!" I will follow your site, and I LOVE all your artists talented! Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!:)
Warm regards, Trish Moyer
Rosy Cheek Dolls:)

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