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Thursday, January 30, 2014

a little love from Jody...

...I really love love...and I love that Valentine's will be here soon...
and in that whole pink and red and heartful mood
...I am feeling the love for Jody Battaglia's new pieces for us.

They are sweet and petite and full of all her charming details.

 In fact, if you haven't been to Jody's pages on our site in a while you might want to pop over:

We've reorganized them and have some fun offerings.

Jody is one of my favorite artists, I love how she sees the world in her own way. Her little people and critters from her FunTown always make me smile.
 Here's "Benny Bunny"...a one of a kind...

 Jody calls this little cutie pie on her tuffett "Sweet Cheeks"...and she's a ooak too!

...and of course I'd right into "Happy Home"....

Thanks Jody for sharing these with us, it's a wonderful thing to see the world the way you do with such color and whimsy!

xxoo Jen

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