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Friday, November 22, 2013

this guy's got it going on at worth the trip.

So did you ever walk into a of those shops where you literally want EVERYTHING. Well "Galvanic" -- a fresh face on the Washington Street Pedestrian Mall in Cape May, NJ is just that....

But even better the 24 year old owner -- Ryan Platzer --  bought and gutted and restored the building that hosts his shop with funds earned working as a fisherman and licensed sea captain. Really.

Interviewed in "Exit Zero" here's what he said:
“I have no interest in a basic, generic shop with chrome racks in the center,” he told us. “I want a shop that’s going to excite people when they walk in the door. That’s where the name, Galvanic, comes from. It means to have an electrifying effect.”

And it delivers...
Here's a peek. 
I can only encourage you to make the trip if you are in the area. The racks are filled with American brands and fab gear and clothing from small design houses.  Yes, perfect for all my 20 and 30-something nephews, but so classic and so well edited -- and well-made -- are the offerings that when the 65 year old gent donned a shirt and jacket off the rack, he looked fab...and Micah nabbed a shirt that is sure to be his very fave.

With brands like Iron & Resin, Third Army, Rewined, Woolrich and Stanley, this little nugget of a men's wear store has a lot to share...I have mentioned this shop and the pioneering young owner to the editors of FOLK magazine...
he's a natural for a profile and a more in depth look.


Ryan also hosts artists for gallery's hoping we can make a trip and celebrate his style and entrepreneurial spirit.

We met Ryan's Mom on Sunday...we told her she has a great kid. He works hard and I can wish him every's a rare thing to meet someone so young, with such innate talent...

xxoo Jen

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