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Monday, November 11, 2013

sooo pretty, paper & cloth and noticing the little things...hello Monday

Wait a minute...I feel like I need it all to slow down...
I feel like life is on "fast forward"...and I want to be on "play".
(did someone say Christmas is coming soon...EEEK!!)
Hello Monday...hope I can catch my breath a bit this week.
It's chores galore and I want to take a moment to breathe...and breathe again.


Lisa Leonard has a wonderful spirit, a great business and a new line I am proud to share. She seems to know that the little things -- like pretty paper and cloth - sweet sentiments and tiny moments are those that need to be shared and treasured...(See more from Lisa's paper & cloth line HERE...)Thanks to Lisa for sharing what she does with Earth Angels Studios....I adore working with her...

I couldn't agree more with these good and positive thoughts...

Hello Monday. Listen week, you netter move a bit more slowly for me...

Hello chores, hello to putting some aside for the more important things.

Hello letters to a friend and some cheery hellos and the 
"I love yous" that mean so much.
Hello to the last crisp days of fall...I know winter is coming and I want to get outside with the kiddos as much as I can...

Hello to all of you!
Hope the week goes really well for you too...and that it's low enough for you to enjoy the small joys and daily doses of good things that come your way.

Have a fantastic day...week..and more... 

xxoo Jen

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