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Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Monday...still love them....Maruca's back

Hello Monday. Hello pretty fall days...
I have been in business since 1994...I began dabbling on the side while I worked full time....buying and selling handmade dolls, bears, vintage goods...
Things changed when I have my first kiddo in 2000, I quite the job and after flailing around a bit, had settled on Earth Angels as my "calling".

When we moved to Warwick -- my hubby's home town -- things took off. 
I had more room, more air, and another baby.  
By 2002 I had a bunch of accounts with some really fab artists and designers....and things were rolling along.  

In a car ride last year with Michelle and Sue, I counted all the artists I had worked with and no longer's a lot -- about 80 -- so when I have the opportunity to rekindle a relationship to work with a designer once again, 
I am thrilled.

So hello Maruca Designs....and welcome's been 8 years since we've worked together and I am so glad we've come full circle.

Here's a peek at a photo shoot Shannon and Allie did on Friday...
I love these gals, their style, their Boulder-made bags...

So Hello Monday.

Hello I need to pack and leave Wednesday for 
 Atlanta and there's so much to do. YIKES!

Hello old friends and new.

Hello Fall Fashion....Fall Days...and Fall Color's.

Hello old things, new things and everything in between.

Hello new week, you are going to be a busy one! 
I am ready for you, 
kinda sorta...

Hello to all of you. And what are you up to this week???

xxoo Jen

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