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Monday, October 7, 2013

hello Monday and am I that behind the times...INSTAGRAM

...sometimes I really am living under a rock. 
A big old rock called entrepreneurship...

When you work so hard at your own "thing" you, often.... lose sight of what's around the bend when you are tackling the task, crisis, or job at hand.  So little things, and big things alike can get lost in the daily shuffle until you have time to actually think, plan and then act.

So hello I am late to the party once again.

I am FINALLY on Instagram 

you'll see me there as


and I sure hope you'll consider following me. It's been fun... 
And thanks Ben Ashby for making me do this! That's what 7 hour plane rides are for, to help your friends understand all sorts of things better!!!
and hope I find you there too!
My posts on Instagram are linked to the personal page of my facebook identity, but not to my fan page, and since my personal page is maxed out with friends I am also encouraging folks to LIKE me at my business page to keep up with me, if my life and the biz interest you. The posts to the fan page and Earth Angels Studios vary, as does Instagram...which by the way seems to be an easy and fab visual way to catch a nugget of someone's day....

So hello Monday.

Hello making time for the little thing and time to think about the big.

Hello perfect Fall weather. You really are my favorite season.

Hello pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING -- 
why do you taste so good at this time of year?

Hello to making pies with Rory....that kid loves to bake.
We've done 4 pies this week.

Hello Columbus, thanks for making that trip in 1492...and I am grateful we've got you covered with an annual 3-day weekend coming up.

Hello homework, laundry, lunches and all the day to day small things that make the days click...

Hello Soccer, Soccer Soccer!!!

Hello to all of you and have a fab week whatever you are up to!

xxoo Jen

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