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Monday, July 29, 2013

Runaround Rosie and #19

Hello Monday....
When you're part of a big family it's sometimes a rare thing to get one-on-one time.  
Here's my Mom, Rosie catching a few minutes with her #19 grandchild, Aidan.
I loved catching them catching up with each other,
 and I am grateful that they shared a moment.

 Me and my Dad had the 1930 Model 'A' pulled out of the garage to take some photos for Ben Ashby's next issue of FOLK magazine. 
I am working on a fun piece about cars and their iconography for each generation. Why we love them and what it is we love about them as Americans, but more on that soon...

 Silly faces and all, these two always get along.

Hello to my wonderfully adventurous, octogenarian parents...I hope I am just as willing to blast off on an adventure as they are at that age...

Hello to quiet minutes in the midst of a busy day.

Hello and thank you to whomever invented AC. Wow this week was hot, hot, hot and I would be totally wilted without a little air cooling!

Hello to friendships between young and old and across the generations. We have so much to learn from you.

Hello to true love.  Here's Rosie with her main man, Jim.

Have a beautiful week and hope you find a moment to share with someone you love in the midst of it all.

Hope you have a great week and hpw are you keeping cool?

xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Mary Robertson said...

You are a lucky girl!!!!

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