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Friday, June 21, 2013

a "hearfelt" peek at Lisa Leonard's workshop...

 Lisa Leonard is really special lady...for so many reasons. She is a devoted mother and wife and has created an amazing business from her heart and hands. It's an honor to work with her and get to know her as a friend...

I want to share a peek of her workshop with you and to celebrate Lisa's style, use code LISALOVE at checkout through Monday to take 15% off your order for her creations
At Earth Angels we showcase all of Lisa's "heartfelt" line and while we were in California recently, we made time to visit with Lisa at her workshop in San Luis Obispo the day before we appeared with her at the Remnants of the Past Show.

 Lisa was working with staff on new limited summer designs while we were there, so we got to play dress up and tell her which we liked best...
and I loved seeing how Lisa engaged with her creative team.

I have always been entranced with watching things be made....
Lisa's sweet staff had me mesmerized.

 ..watching the dynamic between Steve and Lisa was pretty incredible, too.  What a team they are!

 Lisa let Laurie play in the bins of supplies while she and Ben Ashby of FOLK magazine chatted about handmade goods...
Lots of tiny treasures in the works...
The tools of the trade, her staff makes it look easy, but it is not!
It takes a keen eye and steady hands, as well as artistry.


I am wearing one of Lisa's necklaces right now...knowing where it was made and how it was hand crafted makes it even more special to me.
Thanks Lisa for sharing what you do.

  Thanks too for a wonderful afternoon at the workshop.  
I know Ben, Sophie and Laurie loved being there too...

You take the cake!
More on those cake toppers soon!

 xxoo Jen

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