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Monday, April 29, 2013

hello Monday...and Skippy Doodle Doooo!!!!

Hello's gonna be a great new week and I am ready for you!

Like so many of you I work hard and do the mommy-juggle every day. 
Some days I do it better than others, and sometimes I wonder just what am I doing and why am I doing it...and then dome nice news arrives...

Say, "Hello", to my friend Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle Designs...
Did you catch her and her adorable studio in the brand new Where Women Create?? 
Most of you know I work as an editor for several magazines so it's a true treat to be able to do a piece on someone I treasure and admire...

There's 8 fab pages on her and her space!

Looking back through the photo files, here are a few from the shoot.

Don't you want to just dive into those piles of supplies in her cozy studio???
Way to go Sue!!!
See our PRESS pages for more shots...

So hello Monday, hello week...

Hello to weeding and cleaning out the herb garden, we've got more herbs and veggies to plant after 5/17 our frost dates...

Hello plans to make for upcoming shows in San Luis Obispo, CA & Rhinebeck, NY...more on them soon!

Hello pollen season, I have a little boy whose eyes are red and runny.

Hello to an enthusiastic 10 year old's report on Florence Nightingale, we've heard so much about this amazing health care icon, we're calling her Flo in this house.

Hello to delivering all those Girl Scout Cookies!

Hello...and wait a minute, I though it was the season finale of "Once Upon A Time" last night...and I was ready to be left hanging...and we've got a new episode next week...the kids are addicted!
Hello week...I am ready for you!

Hello to all of you...
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Marlene ~ mIzZ (hONeY) bEe said...

Congrats to Sue!! I can't wait to get my issue to see her article...Bravo "Skippy Doodle Doo" and I'm so hAPpbEe that I own a few of Sue's creations... I own the twin to the gal in the pink in the picture above.. going to add one or two to my collection, when I come to visit you ladies in June at the Country Living Event..

I too am addictive to "Once Upon a Time" can't wait to Sunday's espisode too...

Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dreams ;O)

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