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Monday, April 15, 2013

hello Monday...a view from the top

Hello Monday...Hello from New York.'s amazing how friends help you see the world differently and appreciate different things...even your hometown.
Hello Monday. It's a new week and I am ready for you.  It was wonderful to have my dear friend Anne visit from Australia last week, and now it's back to business...but we miss you Anne. Come back soon...
Hello to playing tourist in my own town.  I hadn't been to the top of the Empire State Building in such a very long time...and I live right here...what was I thinking!?!

Hello beautiful, big, bold New York. I love that you change and grow each day.
I think the view has changed as much as I have in the many years since I took in the view, but it's all good....

What a treat to sneak in a quick trip to the top. I shot gobs of images. 
(Ben at FOLK will be getting some so stay tuned for more on NYC in the next issue)
 Hello to strangers falling in love with the view, and the moment and the breeze...


Hello icons.
 Hello to my fave...The Chrysler Building....
Hello sunshine and spring. 
Soccer is staring up and the shorts just might come out of the drawers sooner than expected.  GOODBYE winter....cya!

Hello to you all out there...what's in store for you this week???

xxoo Jen

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