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Monday, April 1, 2013

hello monday (golden heart for you)

...hello Monday as I remind myself, think of each week as a golden opportunity.
Last week was my birthday  -  I turned 44 - what a great chance to learn and grow.
Hello Monday, no foolin' you're a great week already, it feels good to be 44.

The kiddos are back at school after a wonderful week off. I loved being with them 24/7 and though lots of chores were put aside, it was worth it...AND ANNE HAS ARRIVED from AUSTRALIA...woo hoo! and HELLO to my wonderful and oh so special friend....
Hello to lots of new things here at Earth Angels including 
new golden things from talented Lisa Leonard
 ..I love all she creates. It's hard to choose a favorite!
Hello to being generous and putting our heart into all we do.

 I want to gift everyone a pair of golden "tiny heart" earrings with every gold Lisa Leonard necklace they purchase .  No code needed, just order by 4/4 and we'll tuck them in with your order. 
It's Happy Birthday (still) to me and happy free earrings to you.
Hello to more to celebrate and all that cake I ate...I have no issue with getting older, I love it, and remind myself each day is a gift. Sure my knees creak a bit and my hair is greying, but I remind myself 64 is as far away as 24 and a whole lot of living and learning needs to get done around here.  
I think I'll like 44 just fine...

Thanks to all who shopped the sale last week and celebrated with me too...
It was a great Annual Birthday Sale and lots of you got lots of loot -- woo hoo!
Hello to taking pretty pictures...

Hello to a nice chocolate cake in the near future...birthday or not you have to love art, eat cake and have fun.

...hello to  wonderful Easter with family and spring and all good things the week brings our way.

Hello to you and enjoy...hope you get to have your cake and eat it too!

xxoo Jen 


NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner said...

Happy Birthday to you! That cake looks amazing. I don't often wear gold (I'm more of a silver girl) but Lisa's pieces don't look too "goldy". I'll have to think about if I can pull it off! Happy Monday!

Jack McCallum said...

Thought I would stop by from Hello Monday and have a look. Glad I did! :)

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