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Monday, March 18, 2013

hello monday (a big decision)

Hello Monday...last week was busy bringing us blast of winter weather as we hoped for spring and news of change on the wind...

If you know me, or Warwick, or this blog you know that this Monday I am saying hello to a week that will change our Town. Tonight the School Board decides which grammar school we'll need to close...and of course, I wish none were going to shut their doors.

Let's HOPE they think of the whole Village, and have FAITH that no matter what, the kiddos will be just fine in new schools among old and new friends.

 So hello new week and I hope we are ready for you... I know decisions are made, we cope, we react, and we have a little faith that things will sort themselves out.

Hello to more week of school 'ti the kids' Easter vacation.

Two more weeks until Anne arrives from Australia to celebrate Easter with us. Woo Hoo!

Hello to Laurie Meseroll who is in a creative frenzy and painting up a storm of happy works...

Hello to fun traditions...Friday my niece Hayley, Charlotte and I headed into Manhattan for an annual girls' day out. What a treat to share some treats and a show.
 And always, hello and new week, glad you are here...we've got lots of work to get done. Harold and Luke were busy posting to the site last week and unpacking from Sanford with Julie, and this week I will have extra help from Liv and Oliver. WHEW! There's more to get done than usual.
 Hello to my adopted town, hubby grew up here but he's made this City girl love it...I have been in Warwick almost 11 years now, and it feels like home.

Hello to all of you...and hope it's a great week for you and that Spring brings your good things....


xxoo Jen

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