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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Got Fashion? Get FOLK...

 I love that FOLK is reaching into the heart of what Americans are all about. Working to cultivate a nation by hand, with style and ingenuity intrinsic to our success.

CONGRATS Ben on another fab issue of FOLK magazine...the best yet! 
(Did you get yours yet? If not, CLICK HERE TO ORDER..
It's a whole lotta cool American goodness for 7 bucks....)

How perfect that the NEW issue is all about stories and storytellers and the fashion that is so uniquely our own.

Here's a peek and an excerpt from my current feature on re-purposing textiles and  fashion...
 She has a fab fashion story...and I love sharing her work with our customers, but chatting with her about her inspirations and training was really cool.

Here's an excerpt from the article...
you'll want to peek at the issue to read and see more.

Now, American fashion – where style meets with raw ingenuity -- is quite simply an unbridled luxury fueled by unfettered imagination and a culture that grows daily. It is the novelty of conveying a mood, a tone, or one’s personal style within a vast and diverse community.  So, in making a handmade life, we cannot help but reach for garments that send salutations of our personal style.

Yet, trends in fashion and wearables don’t always march to the same tune. Tides in fashion come and go, but a good garment, or a fabulous accessory, can long outlive a seasonal burst of attention.  And certain fashions – like the artful creations of artist Melody Doyel -- are simply transcendent – allowing the wearer to cross time and trends with certain aplomb and beauty in true American style.

This designer’s work whispers to the best remembrances of fashion’s many eras.  While it seems from another time or just slightly out of step with what many others might be presenting in the marketplace, her clothing and accessories are totally in-fashion and on-trend with their brave use of texture and color.  Her work conveys a thrumming retro vibe that is utterly appealing; her work is textiles retold.

In her inimitable style, the designer creates wearables and accessories by repurposing cast off garments, old upholstery, junk shop finds and piles of vintage baubles and jewelry findings that on their own appear only a jumble of possibility. In Melody’s capable hands, and with her limber imagination, a seemingly motley array of textiles emerge as new garments that convey style and a savvy sense scale.....


Thanks again Ben for the chance to showcase the work of another Earth Angels Studios' artist....I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the next issue!

xxoo Jen

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