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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do you have a soft spot for vintage loot?

Do vintage finds thrill you? Does the patina of age make you happy?
The bottom line is I really love old things. I respect how they have survived the battle with time, and somehow along the way, picked up stories and wear.

We've just relaunched the "Vintage Finds" pages on the site...
And to celebrate, we're offering 15% off through Sunday with OLDLOVE15 at checkout...keep reading for details or CLICK HERE to shop now..

 Here is the link to all of the pages...take a scroll about -- there's everything from old bling to prize ribbons and postcards, some toys too!

And our vintage pages today through Sunday, and take 15% off with code
OLDLOVE15 at checkout.

We've got more than 375 items posted, so take a peek and enjoy a browse.

If it's not handmade, it's gotta be old or I try not to bring it in my house!

xxoo Jen

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