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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sis-Boom Merry Event - next week...

Those among you who've attended Jennifer Paganellie's Sis-Boom home shows know they are a merry event filled with texture and color.
Jennifer graciously opens her home twice each year to share her oh so colorful textiles, a peek at her current projects, her favorite art -- paintings by fellow Earth Angels' artist Barbara Strawser, and wonderful goods made with her fabrics.

So be sure to mark your calendar for 12/13-15 
If you are anywhere in the Tri-State area, her event is well worth the trip...
You'll find me there for sure!  Me and my great gal pal Kath always make the trip and nab a few gifies for folks on our list...and truth be told...ourselves!
 I love all that Jennifer does and it's a true treat for us to work together via Earth Angels where we present her books and some home decor items too!
Hope to see you there!
xxoo Jen

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