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Friday, November 9, 2012


It's been a treat to watch the following of FOLK magazine grow.
Here's a peek at the new issue...

How can you not love a start-up business?  
How can you not want to support the efforts of the wonderful band of 20-somethings that are pulling together issue after wonderful issue?

I mean look how adorable Ben is when he joined the Earth Angels line-up in Atlanta???!!!
Led by Ben Ashby....with his crew chiefs Heath Stiltner and Hillary Lewis, these young entrepreneurs deserve your attention.

And if you have not read their magazine as yet, what are you waiting for?
The new issue is $7 and this week we are celebrating FOLK-style by offering back issues for $5 each...that makes it a good time to catch their vibe on "Real American Living"

The December issue is a true treat featuring The Beekman Boys and Earth Angels....yep, here's me...there's a 8 page story on me and Earth Angels.

This new holiday issue sports a dual cover featuring our wonderful friend and Earth Angels' artists, Debbee Thibault.
This issue is packed with seasonal glories from their many contributors...

You can take a peek at more issues on the PRESS pages of our site...

All of the Earth Angels love having the support of FOLK, and we love 'em right back! (here they are with Laurie Meseroll...they'll be doing a feature on Laurie in March)....
They so get the idea of hard work and group effort...

xxoo to all my FOLK pals and cannot wait to see what y'all are up to next!
xxoo Jen

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