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Thursday, October 11, 2012

New? didya notice....SALE!

....a big sigh....

Our new website has been up for a six weeks.  
I have been holding my breath during that time to wait for some terrible, dramatic something or other to happen....but it's all good. I can breathe.

And, I have to just admit that change is good -- even if it is a lot of work!

And my have we've logo, new site, new email system, new artists, new, new, new.
....amazing for a girl who lives a handmade life in a vintage world.

That said, I wanted to thank all of you for rolling along with us.

And I want to be sure you had picked up on some of the changes and the NEW things that we're doing...
like the weekly sale special, the 10% off, when we do free shipping and so on...
- 10% off your first on-line order....even if you've been a customer for 15 years, go ahead and sign-up again and the nice computer will send you a coupon code to enter at WOO HOO and why not?

- weekly sales for far we've featured Jennifer Lanne, Krys Kirkpatrick, Lisa Leonard, Debbee Thibault and Laurie Meseroll
Didya miss them...shucks....

- monthly newsletters (many times we'll offer a GOODIE or FREE SHIPPING )

So watch your in box and if you are not getting the newsletters, be sure to sign up! Next up for the sale are Diana Card, Heidi Steiner and Jill Schwartz...

we'll be announcing a sale on her work THIS WEEK...25% off her original paintings with coupon code  DianaCard25

...and then next up for sales...

And a wonderful promos for FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING for ANYTHING on the site when you order ANY Elements Jewelry with Coupon Code ElementsTreat

so watch your in box....

thanks for you support with all this new-ness!

xxoo Jen

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