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Saturday, September 22, 2012

My FAIR Ladies....'s amazing to me that year after year we are able to pull off our appearance at the Country Living Fair. It's a huge undertaking, and much hard work, 
but truly fun.

This year a eleven women traveled from 8 states by plane, truck, yes train, and even car & trailer with oodles of art in tow.  

We converged under a 40'x40' tent and built -- in 11 hours and much like roustabouts on a circus crew -- a gorgeous and oh so temporary store in the middle of a grassy field at the Columbus fairgrounds.

We then stood there for three days -- Friday, Saturday and Sunday --  and entertained, educated and chatted with the wonderful customers who came through the Fair, many of them there just to see us and our offerings.  

Then on Sunday night, we loaded it all back up again (with the help of lotsa folks mentioned below) and went our separate ways.  The after glow of a glorious show making the journey home possible even in our exhaustion (in my case 10 hours in 24' truck driving overnight back to New York).

My FAIR Ladies, I salute you!!!

Here's a peek at these amazingly talented and spirited gals -- they made it all look so easy and managed to take on the show in uber cute outfits too!




Thanks to all of the artists who made this event possible...
All of you who were there, and those of who who could not be there but sent amazing creations....Lisa Leonard, Krys Kirkpatrick, Pat Murphy, Jody Battaglia and Michelle Sylvia. You art and style added to the display and energy!

Thanks too to the wonderful friends who were there to help load and unload, and support us in the tent during the fair...Bob, Jacob and Sophie Brake, Ben Ashby and his FOLK crew Hillary and Heath, Brian Baird, Julie Desrats, Harold & Allison Knebel and Kristin "Tracey" -- who all know who you are and what you did to make it all possible! A million thanks... 

I will blog in a few days with a peek around the tent...STAY TUNED!

AND ...this is only ONE of TWO Fairs that we do...
I sure hope you can join the Earth Angels and the Art Girls' RoadShow when we take on the next Country Living Fair in Atlanta on 10/26, 10/27 & 10/28.

We'll also be hosting a free breakfast for all Early Buyers with loads of SALE specials from 8:30-10:00 am on both Friday and Saturday...

Hope you can come see our line-up...

More soon and have a super weekend 
xxoo Jen

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Gorgeous girls and gorgeous art!! Thanks for all you do Jen and a special thanks to the artists who helped with my products too! xoxo Forever grateful!

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