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Saturday, June 16, 2012

WOO WOO...Derby Blooms in Romantic Country!

 Woo Hoo to Marie Pendley for the wonderful feature on her "Derby Blooms" in the just released Autumn issue of 
"Romantic Country" magazine...

 It was a blast to style and shoot the images for this spread on Marie and her work.  

Those among you who are true Earth Angels fans will spot the work of three other artists among the images -- Laurie MEseroll, Nicol Sayre and Jennifer Murphy...and if you attended our events in Atlanta or Sanford you'll  know where some of the images were shot....


For those among you new to Derby here's a peek at some of my currently available faves...

 ..a HUGE thanks is due to wonderful Editor-in-Chief, Mary Forsell for believing in the romantic beauty and artful creations of the Earth Angels' artists...
this is the third showcase on one of our artists and this attention is much appreciated!!

the celebration of your style and wonderful creations is well-deserved!

To see more of Marie's creations, click this hot link to her page...each is $38 
but mention promo code "Adorn Me" when you order and enjoy 3 for $99

xxoo Jen

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