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Thursday, May 24, 2012

...some wee beauties to share...

 From where I sit now, I am looking at a duet of Nicol Sayre's dolls that keep me company each day....I have pursued her work personally for many years, and I adore the ones I have been lucky enough to collect.

So I am really thrilled and honored that Nicol sends us her work to share with out Earth Angels customer friends...

Here are a few wee beauties that we have now....and more are posted to her page on the site....
YES THESE DOLLIES ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE...just call me 8-8 NY time (845) 986-8720 or email me at for details....

Meet Wee Annaliese...just 9" and tucked in her charming antique basket, dressed in fine vintage and antique textiles she wears a dainty straw bonnet...she is accompnanied by three berries wrought of old dear, overall size 9x10...NOW SOLD see the site for more available dolls

Lucy – very special with an unbelievably beautiful face, 12" and dressed in all antique finery, she has a wee ephemera cone at her waist and dainty glass bead necklaces, she is a study in fine detailing and one of the sweetest dolls I have seen, SOLD see the site for more available

 Tilde and her Lambie Pie – so a lovely 12" doll dressed in all antique textiles and trims, she has with her a very special old lambie pie dear, I adore this doll for so many reasons, SOLD see the site for more available

Thanks Nicol for sharing your talent and style...

xxoo Jen
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