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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

back in the house - WWC my fave book!

Some things never go out of style...a great black dress, pearls, a good wool scarf,
and a favorite book...
So how happy am I that I finally have this tome back in stock, VERY!!!
Jo's publication started a revolution in creativity and work space style -- and yes, it lead to the publication of her quarterly magazine. If you don't already own the book that started it all, you need it. Can you tell I am smitten with it's every page???

Just peek at these pages...

You need this on your shelf...I go to it again and again for inspiration and a dose of happy...
Order this now and I'll pay the shipping...

I love you Jo!
xxoo Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Gayle said...

I bought my copy of this book when Jo organized an event called Where Women Create in Ogden Utah years ago. I was a volunteer for it, and was able to have many of the gals featured sign my book - I treasure it!

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