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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sisters on the Fly

By now, many of you have heard about the "Sisters on the Fly"...I had read about these festive, peripatetic spirits, I had dreamed about owning my own vintage trailer and wandering about on junking jaunts with gal pals, I had....screeech!! That is SOOOO not happening now, I have 3 little ones, but hey a girl's gotta day dream...
Once again I encountered these wayfarers in Atlanta -- it seems the Art Girls' RoadShow and the Sisters cross paths here and there...They were ensconced in a campout at the Country Living Fair...what fun...peek at their set-ups...

Here's what the Sisters say about themselves....

We have more fun than anyone! We invite you on our outdoor adventures with travel trailer caravans to the most beautiful places in the country. Our sisters like to share tips on buying and restoring vintage trailers, they know that once you see all the fun fly-fishing, riding horses, camping, eating, and laughing, You just might want to join the Cowgirl Caravan on its next ride.

Now, doncha wanna drop everything and get out there with them??? Me and Sue have big plans....Read more about SISTERS on the FLY:

Appaloosa Journal It began as a simple fish story by freelance writer Marianne Love

Even Oprah

is captivated by these free wheelin' this link to see the article in her mag from June 2011

And in the meantime, I love their style and appreciate their inspiration factor. How can I now love that these women are braving it in new place and learning and doing what they want to do.... you go girls...

xxoo Jen O'Connor...
oh and yes, I joined their sister hood to learn more about them and catch their vibe,
I've got the vintage wagon and that will just have to do for now!

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