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Saturday, November 5, 2011

more than coffee...

I love how cool us it that I got this wonderful note from a fellow business owner -- she has a coffee house in WI -- who shares the moniker, "Earth Angels"...

Hi Jen,

I stumbled upon your sight and fell in love with EVERYTHING! How I ended up there was while I was typing the address to get on my own website to edit, yours popped up on google and I couldn't resist checking it out. I love what you are doing, and I had a nice time browsing, for way too long! Anyways, had to send you a note since we share the same name! Great name by the way!

Well, have a beautiful day and dream on fellow dreamer!
Love, Peace & Coffee,
Rachelle Hruska

So what do you all say??? I think we need to take the Earth Angels & the Art Girls' RoadShow to WI and the Earth Angels Coffeehouse!

Rachelle...thanks so much for reaching out and all the best in what you do...I love how you tell your story and how you have gotten to where you are now...

You are right, Earth Angels is a powerful name - I feel those that walk among us with great talent are angels on earth and I see you share the name and the grateful opinion for each day.

Good luck and thanks for reaching out...

xxoo Jen

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