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Sunday, November 27, 2011

knit from friendship...

I have watched my friends knit for years...much like watching that big "Zamboni" scrape the ice on the rink, or the waves crash to the shore, I have been entranced watching Anne sit on my couch, sleeves, then sweaters emerging from her hands at the needles. Kathy has had a bowl of knitting projects on her coffee table for as long as I can recall, I have touched but never queried...

I was happy to let the craft remain a mystery until last week when I drove Jane, Anne and Kathy down to a wonderful knitting shop...
It's a mystery no more!!! I am entranced with the pattern play and the odd way in which the knots slide onto opposite needles never leaving the next stretch of wool too far ever emerging line of whirls...

The OCD takes over as I do a row and then another...ahhh Jane, you are right, it is meditative...
now if only I could manage more than 5 minutes or a few rows before the end of the day, but that will have to be enough...I predict 3 years to make a scarf...

I think it might really be all about the yarn...just look at the colors and textures...deep sigh of longing....

Thanks to Kathy...
...and Jane...
....and of course Anne...who was power shopping for her next project and could not be caught on film!

Here's where it all started...Sharon's fabulous shop in Westwood, NJ..."Creative Knitworks"...

I love that Kathy forgot two of her knitting books there...that means I will just have to drive her back there to pick them up and have a prowl around...Kath, can we think of a better excuse to make a dash down before the holidays...

See an old dog can learn new tricks...
xxoo Jen

Here's Sharon's schedule:

Open Topic ($100 for 4 sessions, $200 for 10 sessions)

You choose the topic: learn to knit, crochet, improve your skills, start your first sweater, finishing, learn new stitches or any other topic related to knitting or crocheting.

Monday Evening

7 PM – 9 PM

Thursday Morning

9 AM – 11 AM

Thursday Aft

4 PM – 6 PM


7 PM – 9 PM

Missed sessions can be made up during one of the other class sessions.

Drop In (pick your own subject) with Sharon $25 per session; no registration needed.



10:00 AM – 12:0 PM

Beginning Needlepoint $50 for 1 person, $75 for 2 people

By appointment

1 1/2 hours

Mon - Sat

Beginning Crochet with Sharon $50 for 1 person, $75 for 2 people

By appointment

1 1/2 hours

Mon - Sat

Private class $50 for 1 person, $75 for 2 people

By appointment

1 1/2 hour

Mon – Sat

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