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Sunday, September 4, 2011

inspiration in a friend's blog and biz

I love that "Liz Loves Vintage"...

Elizabeth Hanley is a spirited soul, she is kind and generous in her support of others' endeavors so it's time we give a shout out to this blogger as she launches her new Etsy page and biz..."Liv Loves Vintage"...

As a Facebook friend and fellow fan of the handmade and vintage life, I first met Liz at our Spring Soiree in she is with our special guest, Jo Packham...

These images tell the story of her look...her loves and her personal style as a huntress of the old and the treasured...

I asked Liz to prepare a write up for me to post to the blog on her's what she has to say about herself:

Dreaming "Vintageness" in the wee hours is not an uncommon practice for me.
When Jen told me she would like to feature me on her blog. I was so delighted
to share my story.

So here it begins...

One year ago a inspiring thing happened. One, menopause. I wasn't going to
write that. Now the word is out. Oh, well. Two, my Blog. Believe it or not, I am an awful writer...

I love to shop at the Flea. So, this concept of Liz loving Vintage came into fruition.

This gave me the inspiration I was longing for with an added zest to be creative.

Photography has opened the door once again. Now, I'm truly hooked.

I wear many hats. I'm a Mom, Homemaker, Wife, Advocate for Battered Women
and work a FT job with Special Needs Children. I was in desperate need of a hobby. It worked. A great stress reliever at that!

Doing what I love best and loving all things Vintage. I dreamed of opening a shop withmuch apprehension. Hubby was unemployed. It was long overdue.LizlovesVintage opened in May, 2011 on Etsy. Here I add a little bit of Vintage with a touch of Liz in each handpicked item for sale. I frequent fleas, estates of many and thrift to proclaim a job well done.Well never done. What fun would that be?

So, this is the ever so short Bio of me ( Elizabeth Hanley) My passion for everything old, unique and vintage.

Thanks everyone for all your support. A great ending to a great year!!

And her cheer for the day!
Wait for the day that makes all things clear. Then, spread your wings.
Fly, Fly, Fly... Follow your dream. I followed mine.

You go Liz!!!! I know your keen and artful eye will take you far!
And I sure hope to see you soon...

xxoo Jen O'Connor

1 comment:

Pam said...

I'm a big fan of Liz and can't wait to see what she finds when out shopping. Great idea to highlight her! BTW, I saw you guys are going to be at Country Living Fair so I'll stop by and check out your booth. Good luck at the show!

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