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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

oh no a real mess... no blog webshow boo hoo

Oh dear oh dear Oh DEAR!!!Sadly our boxes for the event are in TN… pieces are coming as soon as they are located and sent! for a peek at what we do have here… 5 pieces arrived instead of the 19 anticipated... boo hoo hoo...

To thank you for your patience…please take 20% off anything on the site that’s available from Letty (please note a few pieces already sold Femme Fatale, Dolly, Tweak, Thea, Theo, Brownie and Album Memories)

Sorry again and thanks for your patience...
we will be back THIS WEEK with the post for Debrina and we are all set with that...items are here and photographed and uploaded just waiting for you and Thurs...

Thanks xoxox Jen

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