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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Porch Report!

It really was the most wonderful of gatherings...those who attended caught the vintage vibe and joined us in celebrating artful accessories and decor.

Heartfelt thanks to our able and ever cheerful host, Joyce Meehan of "Rose Petal Porch" in Lafayette, NJ for this wonderful adventure. We felt so very welcome at her adorable shop and I think her great energy and bright spitit made our "Artists' Showcase" a true success...

Thanks know I love you!

Thanks too to the wonderfully talented crew that made the event possible...artists Letty Worley, Melody Elizabeth Doyel and Jennifer Lanne....

AND a million thanks to Sue Parker of Skippy Doodle and Marie Pendley of Derby Blooms who not only made gorgeous things to showcase, but who worked to make sure the event ran s m o o t h l y!

Thanks too to helpers Nicole Heller, Kathy Nuttall and the dynamic duo of Little Red and Denny the Hood who brought along a new sidekick Keith (he wears a super hero cape and saved the day) and of course I must say a thanks to Richard and Thea...for making it fun!

Here are some MORE images...BUT...Please note....another 30+ images have been posted to visit the fan page or my wall to see them all...

And take a look at the calendar of events we have posted on this BLOG...YES!!! We will be there again next year. So, if you missed it...there will be another chance in JUNE 2012!

Until then...I will pine for another fab gathering at the porch...
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels
ps PS Joyce I will be down to pick up my cabinet soon...

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