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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BIG "just because" SALE - June we are continuing our "Just Because Sales" aka -- I need a present for me SALE -- and we are using the BLOG as our vehicle to promote the idea...

From 6/1-6/10 we are doing a PROMO SALE of 50% off these 3 artists:

DEBBIE HARTWICK - "Heartwells" - Soft Sculpture & Notions

KITTY BABENDREIER - "Calico & Buttons" - Shadowboxes

KIM STOUT - "Thistle Hill" - Stoneware and Notions

How the sale works...go to the site...browse the items, take 50% off the prices and treat yourself...

To order, you can call us from 8-8 NY time at 845-986-8720 or email me anytime at

KITTY B - SHADOWBOXESKitty Babendrier - Shadowboxes
(as featured by Jane Dagmi in "Country Living Magazine" and by Jo Packham in "Where Women Create")
Here's what her work looks like....and prices NOW START at $10

KIM STOUT - THISTLE HILLKim Stout - Thistle Hill Stoneware & Sewing Notions
Here's a peek at just SOME of the art from Kim Stout...more is on her page and prices NOW BEGIN at $24...

DEBBIE HARTWICK - "Heartwells"

Debbie Hartwick's - "Heartwells" Soft Sculpture & Notions

Here's a peek at items by Debbie, many more are on her page, and prices NOW START at $14...

Once's how this "Just Because" sale works:
go to the sitebrowse the items form the featured artists (click the numerous links in the blog or on the site)
take 50% off the prices and treat yourself!

To order, you can call us from 8-8 NY time at 845-986-8720 or email me anytime at

For those of you coming to our "Artists Showcase" at Rose Petal Porch on 6/11-6/12 we will be extending the sale in person on those dates, BUT we do expect items to go quickly SOOOO do not delay in sending your save on shipping anyone is invited to pick up their order at our event...

Now how can you resist??? Oh, and the fine print, all sales are final...layaways discouraged...but you can always ask, I try to be flexible.

THANKS! and things will go quickly so email me or call soon...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

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