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Friday, April 8, 2011

annual Birthday SALE - 42% off

It's time for the annual, and oh so fabulous,
“Happy Birthday (to me) Sale”

I used to try to keep track of customers’ birthdays... I would send a coupon for a “treat discount” in appreciation for being a customer, but tracking of 8,000 or so birthdays got a bit out of hand!

So, this year let’s once again celebrate my birthday with a treat for all of you...

I've just turned 42, so it’s 42% off….
WOW!(yes, "wow" that I am 42 and "wow" to a that discount)

As a friend and fan of Earth Angels you are welcome to choose
at 42% OFF

YES, there are some rules and fine print so please READ ON...

To take advantage of this special offer….DO NOT CALL!!!!!!

Please E-MAIL your order request beginning at NOON on SATURDAY, APRIL 9th. (Please DO NOT CALL ON SATURDAY or SUNDAY...we will not answer the phone)

The sale will continue through NOON on TUESDAY, APRIL 12th

...but things will go quickly so don't wait to order...You can also call us 10am-2pm ONLY ON MONDAY APRIL 11th (845)986-8720.

Orders received with a credit card will be filled first (you can of course email your card safely in 2 separate emails)...or ONCE I HAVE EMAILED YOU THAT WE HAVE YOUR ITEM you can call feel free with the credit card...

Please note, we cannot offer layaways on sale items, this does not apply to pre-orders, special orders, it also doesn't apply to any previous orders, and if the item is already on sale, it's 42% off the original price, and of course this is on IN STOCK items only, (if it is an edition piece and we do not already have it in stock I cannot offer it to you at the sale price) ...E-mail if you have a question...

Note Shipping charges will be applied to all orders. ALL sales are final. No exceptions.

Also, sorry to say, Nicol Sayre is excluded from the sale, and while Sugarboo is NOT excluded, we do not maintain
inventory of their editions due to size and shipping....SO if you want a piece from SUGARBOO we can offer it to you at 20% off as a treat BUT, shipping will apply AND it will be several weeks before you have your order.

SOOOOOO what's the BEST WAY to nab something is to send a list of choices...For example:

If you email something like, "I want the butterfly ring in size 7" first of all I am not sure which artist you are talking about and second stock is changing by the minute SO it's a long shot that we will have it by the time we check and or get back to you. SOOO better if you email something like this: "I want any one of these 3 items: "Brook" by Diana Card, "Sweet Song" by Elements or "Beauty" by Laurie Meseroll... chances are we will have one of the ones you want...and if I have more than one of them I might say have them all at the discount...

HOPE THAT HELPS and happy shopping during this GREAT SALE!!!!

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


micah said...

definitely drool worthy!! going to have to come by for a look-see! :)
happy day!

micah said...

boy, am i glad you 'consider' comments first! i feel like an idiot! my battery died during a comment and i thought it was this one but i just realized it wasn't. (red faced...) so sorry!!

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