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Thursday, January 6, 2011

...time is a funny thing...

I have given my fair share of moments to the meaning of time; I suppose I even ponder it in the few spare minutes I have each day...

Its passing, the waxing and waning of days that are magic, how some weeks seem more full than others. I wonder how time accumulates and then passes without me knowing; I only feel the wake of memory as I am tossed in the surf of seasons.

In the new year I want time for so many things. I want "time" to savor and enjoy "time" with the people I love most, time to grow, time to share and learn...I want time, more time...greedy me...and I face the realization I do have it. Each day, and what I choose make of it.

I found these clocks and this cabinet at Jack's Barn ...a fab shopping destination in Oxford, NJ. But how could I forget my camera when I went on that sweltering day last July -- how could I not bring it ?!? (...I need to dedicate a blog post to the wonders of this place...)

I loved each of them -- the clocks -- separate and even more together for all that they were, creamy and worn. Some were ticking some not, but I bought them all from Vicki, one of the wonderful dealers in this multi-dealer shop, along with the cabinet from owners Chris and Darren. (They gave me a wonderful deal and I promised them I would give their uber cute dolly cabinet a new life in my house.)

Funny, I brought them home and they sat...clocks and cabinet...for a long time...wrapped and waiting in the closet...until I remembered they were here.

I suppose that's how time is, until you figure out you have it, and you get to do what you want with it...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Sue Parker said...

Thanks for the kind words about Jack's. I haven't had the opportunity to get to Jersey in a while so I'm missing Chris and Darren and I'm missing out on the treasures @ Jack's Barn! Vicky has one of the best areas at Jack's. She has a great knack for putting things together and her prices are fabulous. "...time is amazingly fair & forgiving. No matter how much time you've wasted in the past, you will have an entire tomorrow." - Denis Waitely

Anonymous said...

Love the cabinet!! What a treasure!!! Elma

LizlovesVintage said...

Great display Jen! It doesn't matter if some clocks don't work. Sometimes time stands still. I wish;)
Hugs, Liz

Heidi Meyer said...

Love cabinet and clocks - and such sweet shoes. One of my fav clocks is the clock face near my bathtub with no hands - perfect, time on pause for some bliss.

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