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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Once Earth Angel

Things often come full circle...and I am utterly thrilled to once agian be working with this very talented and oh so spirited lady...

Krys Kirkpatrick loves to make things; she says she’s made things for as long as she can remember. From her easy bake oven to her little toy sewing machine, and fortunately, she has never stopped. She has the well-known a company called Bunnies By The Bay (we loved selling their soft sculpture designs from 1999-2006), where, along with her two sisters, she designs a wonderful line of baby gifts.

She also creates one of a kind painted, drawn and sewn art. Take a peek below...for more images like these..

Her original artworks are often mounted in these absolutely fab cardboard frames she makes from all found and recycyled materials...most are petite, and prices for these originals start at $22!

Then, there are her wonderful softies...

And of course, my personal faves, the pieces she creates with her watercolors and ink paintings on paper, she then mounts on wood boards...these start at about $58...

Through her charming mixed media cardboard art, watercolors, softies and adornments she shares her genuine affection for family, friends, nature and childhood. Her talent imparts each design with a nod to whimsy and the love of the magic in the everyday. I am honored to be working with her once again, and thrilled to offer her work to our customer friends. (Email me at to be advised of new arrivals.)

Krys, you are inpiring, grounded, artful and so very true...I just truly adore you and your wonderful energy! Thanks for joining the circus... and read more about Krys on her BLOG...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

1 comment:

Robin Thomas said...

Miss Krys was quite the talk around The Creative Connection. Her work is wonderful. I just posted aobut her myself. Congratulations on joining up again!

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