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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fun in the Tent

Oh my, oh many more photos to share from the Fair...the art and the artists showcased in the Earth Angels' tent are here for you to scroll on through and enjoy (for those of you on Facebook, there is an album posted).

Here are my faves...hope they give you a glimpse of all the fab gals and art that was on hand...thanks to Allie for uploading these images.

THERE YOU GO! Whew and thanks again to Allie for sharing these with all of you in BLOGland...Stay tuned for email brain newsletters of new art from them artists that were there:
Leslie McCabe
Jody Battaglia
Letty Worley
Jennifer Lanne
Melody Elizabeth Doyel
Cheryl Kuhn
Valerie Weberpal
Krys Kirkpatrick and
Laurie Meseroll

... as well as gals who couldn't be there but sent fab work to share with the attendees...Heidi Steiner, Debbee Thibault, Pat Murphy, Cart Before the Horse, Nicol Sayre among others...

Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


Sycamore Moon Studios said...

Wish I were there to show...or SHOP! Lovely stuff and gorgeous artists. Thanks for sharing!

Doreen said...

Such absolutely AMAZING AND WONDERFUL talent!


Micah Holden said...

Oh, I dream to visit someday! (Ok, I alway LOVE the art featured on the blog but looking at all the "fashion art" in these pics is inspiring an overhaul in my closet!) I love how an artist can defy conformity and proudly portray 'ART' in what they wear. I'm going to go and pick out what art I'm wearing today!

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