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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow Jo Proud

The day is sweet, my copies of Issue#8 have just arrived here at Earth Angels. Without a doubt, it is the best issue yet. Stellar in concept this issue of Where Women Create delivers more than its fair share of inspiration and, I must confess, I am proud to have been a part of putting it together..

Thanks to Ashley Carter, Pat Murphy and Jennifer Murphy for the honor of working with them to ...Here's a peek at the pieces I was able to work on with these wonderfully talented artist friends...

AND a BIG thanks to my wonderful friend Jo Packham, I was tickled to see my name in her letter from the editor..."From the Kitchen Table"...and JO YOU CAN borrow any of my clothes anytime you want (read her letter to get this comment!)

I was also totally thrilled to see Nancy Soriano's piece in the mag...Nancy and Jo are working together on The Creative Connection -- the event of the season! Can you spot 3 of Laurie Meseroll's Mud-Cakes and 2 of Debbee Thibault's pieces in her piece...look at your copy and see them...

I also loved seeing art from Earth Angels' artists Debbee Thibault and Ashley Carter in the piece on Jo's studio...Jo bought that "Crown of Js" at the first Earth Angels Spring Soiree she attended some years back...

And here's the new format for the Art Girls' RoadShow column...stay tuned for more on these adventuresome and artful gatherings, outings and more...

Ahhh so many images to devour (144 of them), so many stories to savour...I certainly hope you have your copy on hand...and do enjoy!
(...if you need to order this issue you can ring Earth Angels 8-8 NY time at (845) 986-8720 or email me at

...a million thanks to all of you for your support of this magazine...and you again, Jo, for the genius to conceive it and the brave spirit to see it through to its existence, its growth and its success.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this magazine!! One you can read again and again:) Elma

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