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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Diana's Painterly Magic...

I'm just back from a visit to the home and studio of gal pal and Earth Angels' artist, Diana Card for a Where Women Create photo shoot.

Diana's studio is where she paints the wonderfully detailed, pastoral scenes she pulls from childhood memories of rural New Jersey and her love for the New England where she raised her family. It's also host to her beloved collections of books, vintage textiles and folk art oddities -- many created as gifts by her talented daughter and fellow painter, Deirdre Friebely.

The studio spans a duet of upstairs rooms in the Sussex County, New Jersey farmhouse that's housed her husband's family for generations. Three windows establish her trio of work areas; she moves from project to project beneath each to catch the sun as it rolls by her home.

Here are some overall images of her space...I love how it's orderly, thoughtful and whimsical in her appreciation for the beauty in the vernacular tools of her trade..

These are my favorite shots from the Where Women Create photo shoot...the magazine spread, slated for the November issue, will have oodles of detailed images, but I wanted to share these. As you can tell, I adored watching Diana work...

And here are a few peeks at Diana's wonderful is utterly serene and lovely...I hope I get to visit again soon!

Here's a peek at my pals Leo and Deirdre with Diana on the lawn...

Thanks again Diana for all you do and share, the scenes you invite into my heart and memory and your friendship...and remember "Keep Calm and Carry On"!!!

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


Lindsay said...

As you know, I LOVE Deirdre's paintings. I also am totally loving her mom's work! I think I need one of Diana's paintings in my future. I just want to leap right into her paintings! What a talented family!!

Tina Eudora said...

I just love your studio area Diana and thanks for sharing your work space.
I always find it so inspiring getting to have a peek into another artist's world and see things through their eyes.

Isabel said...

Thanx for sharing I love her paintings and cannot wait to read more about her:O)

TuKara said...

Magnifique!!!!!Tres jolie !

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