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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WWC's Issue #6 is hot off the press...

It's here! ISSUE #6 featuring Earth Angels' artists painter Laurie Meseroll and textile artist Leslie McCabe. Woo hoo and congrats to the talented artists included in this latest issue...

This quarterly publication picks up where Jo Packham's ground-breaking book left off and goes beyond! "Where Women Create" invites you into the creative spaces of the most extraordinary women of our time. Each issue of this quarterly magazine will nourishes souls and motivates the creative processes.

It's 144 full color pages and $14.99. if you haven't yet subscribed, please do, or contact me to order individual copies...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, looks like a great one again:) Could you send me one??? Elma

jo Packham said...

I do love each one every bit as much as the last one. Thank you for all that you do for me and for "us" and making this one of the best publications on the market today!
I love you

GardenDesigner said...

I pre ordered it, and I cant wait to get it in the mail! woo woo! It looks so cool! Totally the best Magazine out there!! I cherish each issue!!

I saw that she (Jo) is headed over to see
Magnolia Pearl in February! That should be amazing too!

Be Happy!


Tammyjae said...

I can't wait to get this issue!
Want my house to look like the one on the cover.

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