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Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is Halloween...

Warwick loves Halloween...there are those towns that go big for the 4th of July, others might embrace the Christmas Season...but our town -- we've got four wineries and orchards and pumpkin patches immeasurable -- so it loves the autumn, the harvest, and with it that candy riddled, costume donning, and oh so spooky...Halloween. lucky for me that the kids love trick or treating as much as I did when I was a little kid. They love to costume and beg for treats...but first -- along with the rest of the town, we assemble at Village Hall and follow the Honor Guard and oodles of sirened vehicles to parade down to Railroad Green.

The strut down Main Street is a rag tag assemblage of personalities, fairy tale characters and all manner of attired beasts and beauties....but it does get us in the mood. The crowds linger at Railroad Green for costume judging...but not us!

We have our priorities straight and head for the houses on Oakland Ave, Oakland Ct and Welling to ring those bells. (Our final destination is always the colorful and candy stocked home of our great Earth Angels gal pal, Jane G!)

This year, we had 18 members of our family out there workin' it for candy with some very good friends in tow. Along the way we meet a ton of our friends and neighbors, school buds, along with my hubby's childhood pals and their kids(he grew up here in Warwick...)

The rain never bothered any of us...what a wonderful evening...Thanks Candeas, McCabes, Cotters, LaRoccos, Mihalicks and Graneys for making it so...

Hope you enjoyed your holiday too...

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

ps -- look at this shot from Charlotte's haunted tea room...

...and here's my niece and nephews later that evening in a second round of costumes as the Peanuts Gang for trick or treating...

They looked great!
xxoo Jen

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