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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Poetry Begs a Closer Look

I have been hard at work here in the "Secret Lab" packing our inventory for the Country Living Fair and the Barn Sale. As I handle each piece of art and ready it to make the 500 mile trip to Columbus this week, I am willingly caught up in the small details of the creations....

I spent untold moments visiting with the work of Cheryl Kuhn and must confess that her art has begged me to invite poetry into my home.

Thanks to you Cheryl for the wonderful creations, and the sentiments your "small stories studios" piece share, invite, and push back at me...

Now - let me get back to that packing!
xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels


Art Is...Slan said...

The power of the be able to write something special and heart felt with ease, sharing a true love of art. For me it was a lovely way to wake this morning reading your post and Cheryl's poetry.

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I like her stuff, Jen! Very nice in your colorful house--the additions really are GREAT, btw. Have a blast a the CL fair---wish I could be there.

I made a new collage! Having so much fun with the mixed media thing. I'm going to Artfest in Port Townshend in the spring---so looking forward to it.

So fun folling your blog

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