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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stitch in time

English artist Julie Arkell elevates stitchery to dizzyingly, and oh so festive heights with her embroidered sentiments and stitched sayings.

Long recognized to be at the top of her craft in papier mache -- her hand built creations are so wonderful and scarce -- she has also earned a nod in the realm of textile arts.

A melange of color and textures emblazon each piece in Julie's own brand of magic...look at these...

I just had to share her whimsies and their oddly sweet sentiments...

Thanks to all of you wonderful customers who appreciate and collect this artist's work. I've worked with Julie for 6 years now, and selling her work has brought so many wonderful and interesting people into my circle.

Enjoy your day
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

PS...As a treat for our BLOG readers, all of Julie's word and cameo pins are on SALE for $65 each...her watches $85 and her dolly pins, $90. You can see the offerings on the site.


missy sue said...


anythinggoeshere said...

What pretty little treasures. Thanks for sharing them with me. xo Joan

beth said...

julie arkel is one of my favorites. thanks for sharing.

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