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Friday, June 19, 2009

Leslie Style Notes

I really think of textile artist Leslie McCabe as a true style-setter. Her look is classic with a twist of festive funk. Leslie knows great materials, she marries colors well and always seems to come up with a fun accessory to suit the season (remember those hand felted acorn pins last fall...loved them!.

So here she shares her fashion know-how with a flock of new splashy headbands. I wore one an orange and pink one at the Spring Fling, and my daughter Charlotte has nabbed a snazzy blue and lavender one for herself!

Michelle and Shauna were good enough to be models for me...when shooting these for the website, display caused some challenge so here they are! Fit to be worn and enjoyed - and they don't "pinch"!

The headbands are available through Earth Angels...each is a one of kind and $ are a few of my faves...

And what else is new???...Leslie has also done flower child pins......and stitched up a new crop of pillows laden with vintage trims......and created something new, her Party Girls. Who doesn't love a party girl???
...and her ever divine framed punch needle pieces are still my very favorite...
We'll be sharing more info on the other new arrivals via email and our website.

Thanks Leslie, once again you've put a little happy color in my day.
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Art4Sol said...

Yes, her work is very cheerful!

Melissa said...

Of course, this means I might have to pick up one of those headbands for my girlie girl.

Job Opportunities said...

Nice headbands, so colorful

manila condos said...

this is what i call art and beauty

Anonymous said...

I love Leslie and all of her creative work! Save a headband for me, I want one! xoxo and sparklers! Carolyn McP

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