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Thursday, May 28, 2009


You'll read more about her in the next issue of the "Where Women Create"and you'll get a complete tour of her space in the pages set to hit newsstands on August 1st. But in the meantime, I am thrilled to give you just a peek at the studio of of my great gal pal and Earth Angels artist Nicole Bowen. Her space really takes the cake!

I've had an utter blast visiting artists' studios as an editor for Jo Packham's new magazine...the artists and their photo shoots are a treat to experience and the space and the spirit of the artist are so entwined.

Here are some images to give you a sense of the scale and her delish! This feels like one of the happiest places on the planet...It's as effervescent, sassy, colorful and truly, inspired and inspiring as the artist herself.

Nicole is an illustrator at heart and she always begins with her sketchbook. It is then her love - no her passion!!! -- for fabrics and textiles that bring her character and stories to life.

Memory and fantasy really inspire her work, as do her enormous and colorful collections of old toys, antique carnival prizes and children’s books....

Nicole keeps her favorite objects in the studio so they can impart their spirit into my work.

And here are my fave closeups of work in progress...I cannot wait to see these pieces when Nick has had her way with them!

I love mother and daughter artist teams and I know and work with several of them (Pat & Jennifer Murphy and Diana Card & Deirdre Friebely). Nicole’s Mom, artist Judy Menard, lives just two doors down the road. Judy stopped by while I was there and immediately began to bounce ideas around with her daughter. Judy has great personal talent and a wonderful artistic eye.

Here we are as we wrapped up the photo shoot - a ton of work, yet soo much fun to be there and have time with Nicole and her family in their home and her fab-u-lous work space! Thanks Nick for a great day.

I will have to do a post about Nicole's home's another extension of her style and houses her unbelievable collections and treasures...

xxoo Jen O'Connor
Earth Angels Toys
PS As for the full magazine spread, if you don't have this next issue or call...


Dara said...

Nick is wonderful!!! I love her creations and she has a new collector in my teenage daughter, Dakota. I just want to come and play in that adorable studio.


Can't wait to see what you make next!


jennifer lanne said...

Oh that studio!And That Nicole is such a cute sculpture herself.
I just want to put her in my pocket and take her home with me!

Theresa said...

Not only are Nicole's creations sweet... so is she. I have received many compliments on my necklaces that she's created. They're fun and amazing just like her. I see her studio is just as fun and happy as her creations are too. :)

elma said...

O.K. you have the best job ever!!! I love her creations:)

Debbee T. said...

Hi Nicole!
I love your charming little works of art. You are so much fun and it really shows in your work and where you create.
Xs and Os...

laurie - magpie ethel said...

Please post on her house as well!!!!! I find looking at other artists studios or work spaces so inspirational...all those details just make me smile. Thanks so much for sharing. And are those birthday hats hanging in her window? tooo cute!

Jen - Earth Angels said...

yes those sure are party hats in the window...froma clothesline! too cute
xxoo Jen

Lynette Larson - Campbell said...

I am in AWE!!! Amazing! Boy, I am glad that someone else has to dust that! Smiling...

Lynette Larson Campbell

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