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Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby News!

Joy is...the arrival of painter Deirdre Friebely and hubby Marcus' new babe...


Here's a note proud Grandma, Diana sent...

"Morning Jen,
Here it is....drum roll, please...
Leopold Wolfgang von Spiegelfeld
Deirdre is doing great, tired but great.
Later, Diana"

Born on Tuesday morning, he weighed in at 8lbs 4 oz....

Hurray and many hearty congrats to Marcus and Deirdre on the arrival of their fist little one.

He is a beauty and I cannot wait to meet him and see Deirdre as a new Momma when she comes north for the summer.

Lots of love to you all in Florida
xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


cheryl kuhn said...

Congratulations Deidre! He is simply beatiful, looks just like his mama!!!

Melissa said...

Baby Leo is a cutie! Congratulations to Deirdre & her hubby!
I am happy for you both.

Diane Duda said...

What a big name for such a little boy!
He's in for a wonderful life!!!

Heather said...

He's beautiful! and look at that smiles! Many congrats to her :)

Jen - Earth Angels said...

dear deirdre
i like your baby
cant wat to met him
love xxxooo

Anonymous said...

I want to be Leo's friend. he is cute
love rory
(Jen's son age 3)

jennifer lanne said...

i wants to be Leo's friend too...

What a rockstar name!

I'm Lori Ann said...

What a beautiful little Boy . . . WIth such a great mama and papa I can see why he's smiling!
Congrats to you Deidre!

katydid said...

We think he's just perfect and so smart and talented too! Your best work yet. (for real, he's simply adorable and I can't wait to meet him!) xo Kathy

Debbee Thibault said...


That little baby is just beautiful! Bless your heart.

Debbee Thibault said...


That little baby is just beautiful! Bless your heart.

laurie meseroll said...


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