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Saturday, April 4, 2009

To the Moon!

Our "Tour de Art" event at Paris to the Moon was so wonderful. It was such a joy to be back in CA among our many friends and art enthusiasts.

Here are some of my favorite images of the event and its attendees. Thanks to all of you who stepped out. What an adventure and a wonderful excuse to get together under one roof to celebrate art and friendship!
The folks that lined-up before the event opened were a cheerful lot...there's Dawn at the front of the group!
The room was a jumble of energy and shoppers.

Talia thinks Tuto takes the cake!

Our group gathers at the goodies table...the punch and Moon Pies kept us going...hi to Toni of Rabbit Hill creations!!!!

Debbee visited with customers in the store up front, while more of her work was displayed in the back building with more of the Earth Angels' work...

Here Susie visits with Emily (left) and Debrina...

Dara's work charmed the crowds...

hanks to you Darren for being the host with the most – I love all you did to make the event a success. You are a wonderful, gracious and patient partner, and your sister Danyel and Kerri were so wonderful, as were all your crew!

Thanks Linda and Carolyn for the special outings to your homes. My time there was magic. Please thank all the wonderful “California Girls” for me. It was a treat to see them; and wonderful they turned out to share the day.

Thanks Bonnie, Loren and Talia for the love and support and help during the event… good friends…and good photos… do keep things going.

Loren you shot oodles of images of art and goodies...and wonderful images to savor the day...thanks so much!

Ro – you are the best of friends…I simply could not have done this without you…and thanks for making this a wee bit of a birthday celebration too!

Jo …I loved that you could be there to meet and greet and create readers. Thanks for adding your thunder and fabulous laughter to our storm!

And to Michelle, Kathy and Shannon – thanks for your support and for all the great work before, and now afterwards, to see me sanely through the prep and follow up!

And of course to Dara, Debbee, Laurie, Nicol, Jennifer, Nicky and Debrina - you each outdid yourselves with a beautiful array of creations…

Thanks to each of you for the honor of putting this event together to share your work…The laughs and fabulous memories are a treasure.

Post #2 with art images will be coming soon...
Xxooo Jen
PS...Darren, we would love to do this next year on the same weekend –will you have us???

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Theresa said...

It looks like it was a fun show.



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