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Saturday, April 25, 2009

That Aussie Sparkle

Here she is...Australian, mother of six, passionate collector of beautiful things and my loving, dedicated, and dear friend.

She makes me laugh, she's seen me cry, she loves me and my flaws, and we share a spirit of adventure.

...if ever I need validation, I can remind myself that Anne flies more than halfway round the globe to spend time sitting in my kitchen just to and drink hot chocolate with me, have cheese and bikkies, our brekkie and read to the kids.

Yes, we do manage to squeeze in an awful lot of fun on her visits, this time it was shopping at our favorite haunts, a trip the City, cupcakes at Magnolia, the movies, and lunch at Charlotte's Tea Room. But there were hours that she sat on the couch with her knitting needles clicking as I sorted through mounds of emails and orders.

We met on line about 9 years ago, both avid Tonner doll collectors. She bought a doll outfit from me on ebay (one I had won at a fundraising event)and we began to exchange emails.

Then when I was in Chicago in May 2001 for the Tonner Convention, I got onto an elevator with Aidan -- then a babe in his stroller/Anne calls it a push-chair...Anne recognized him from the pictures I had emailed! Then later that day, at a massive tea party with Mary Engelbreit, we were seated next to each other...divine intervention...Yes, again!

Her visits started soon after and I look forward to them like nothing else...She'll be back in late June 2010 for our annual "Friends & Family Reunion". I can hardly wait..and we'll be sure to give her, yet again, the long distance award!

Anne, we'll all miss you 'til then...
I do love you, you are the truest and dearest of friends.
xxoo Jen


elma said...

What a beautiful post. I was born in Launceston, tasmania Australia:) I have never gone back and have lots of relatives down under. I do not enjoy fling and flying to Australia is many hours. What are tonner dolls? I have never heard of them.I did get my were women create yesterday. Very nice. Have a wonderful sunday!

Anonymous said...

My darling friend!
I received a wonderful gift in the mail today - my new lip marker!!! Well I have it on and it is wonderful!!! THANKYOU soooo much!!! I don't think I have a better friend in the world - I wish you didn't live half a world away!
THEN I looked to your blog - I nearly died. I read the wonderful kind things you wrote and then just cried! I miss you and the kids so much already. June/July next year seems so far away but I can count down the months till I see you again!!
Thankyou for your beautiful frendship - you mean the world to me my very dear and special friend!!
I feel very teary as I write to you!!
I'll love you always

oldflowers4me said...

what a wonderful friendship-australia is a divine place.

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