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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fast food trail

Well it's time for another blogland confession of a food obsession. (Have you noted I have many...)

So let's make that a "Double Double Protein" & "Animal Fries". If this means something to you, you're an IN-N-OUT Burger no need to to read on...

But if this sounds intriguing, well you might just want to consider a trip tor CA, AZ or NV to taste this stuff. Ok, well at least make time to visit on your next trip to the area - we certainly did!

On the plane rise to Orange County earlier this month I began to fantasize, as soon as we landed I asked directions, and within 15 minutes I had Nicole Bowen -- a fellow IN-N-OUT fan -- and Jennifer Lanne -- now an IN-N-OUT convert -- ordering from the not-so-secret "Secret Menu".

Yes, it's fast food (Well, not really "fast". If you're from NY it's more like getting stuck behind a slow moving vehicle in the left lane...but I digress with the impatience of hunger while the food is actually made to order and that's not a bad thing!)
There are no microwaves or freezers, just simple food made fresh while you wait..and yes, that's potatoes actually getting turned into fries on the spot, and rolls getting baked.

YUM - and the only thing that would have made the meal better...the company of fellow fans Laurie Meseroll & Magda Trzaski!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thanks to all of you for the emails with your secret menu comments...Magda, you are right...we need to rent their TRAILER for an event

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