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Thursday, March 12, 2009

a welcome to blogland

Jennifer Murphy has arrived in blogland.

Her blog is loaded with images and inspiration; it's a must see stop on your blogland tour. I love that she generates pithy posts almost daily. I find myself clicking over to her blog -- often in the middle of my most pressing work -- and leave her posts cheered and motivated!

I found these montage images of her latest creations on her blog just a few days ago. Thanks Jennifer for letting me post them here...They're sneak peek of the next box of cuties on their way to Earth Angels (e-mail if you'd like the details).

Thanks to Jennifer for welcoming us to her world via this blog...
and how exciting, she and Jay will soon be welcoming a baby into their world!

All this exciting baby news is fun to share (Deirdre you have a compatriot!)

xxoo Jen
PS...and a very merry birthday to Jennifer Murphy and Dara DiMagno...they share today's date!


Theresa said...

Jennifer's work is fantastic and she's one of my favorites. I own several of her pieces and just can't seem to get enough of them. What could be sweeter then one of her bunnies, bears, kitties, or doggies. Really her work is simply divine. :) Plus her blog is amazing!!!



elma said...

LOve Jennifer's bears. The one with the blue ribbon is sooo adorable. What is her blog address??

Anne Marie said...

I am constantly amazed at all the talent in this world by THE LADIES!

Christine said...

Cant wait to visit it! (Your link doesn't take me to her blog though).

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