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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sis Boom Workshop!

ohhh la la...Jennifer Paganelli has announced a Sis Boom workshop!

Come join Jennifer as she walks you through her creative process showing you step by step how to achieve your creative goals. Her workshop will mix visualization and collaging. No experience is required -- what a great chance to explore your inner artist! Jennifer asks that you bring a large blank journal and magazines and/or clippings that resonate with you. Other materials will be provided.

Jennifer says, “This journaling is what helped me find my inner artist and has become a life long dialog of defining myself.”

Attendance is limited to 20 and the fee is $150. Please do consider adding this to your calendar for a very special experience. Jennifer, her home and her studio are utterly inspiring...and the chance to work with her is a priceless experience... Here is a link to the registration...
xxoo Jen
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