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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the truffle pigs!

To Market, To Market -- GO SEE "The Truffle Pigs" at the Big Flea this weekend!
Here they are...
Stacey Bear, Debbie Hartwick and Kim Stout
...the greatest of pals -- all talented artists -- and in business together wheeling and dealing vintage oddities, tantilizing textiles and irresistible toys and small antiques ... are a few shots of their booth...

Here's Stacey's write up of the event and their participation...

"We gather stuff throughout the year at various flea markets, tag sales and auctions for the big flea which we attend every January and July. We get together as friends twice a year for buying trip weekends in Adamstown on extravaganza weekends. We specialize in all manner of vintage and antique sewing items: ribbons, trims, buttons, pin cushions, neddles cases, etuis, chatelaines, thimbles, fabric, etc… we also often have vintage toys and dolls, vintage clothes, quilts and linens."

Hope you can seek out these gals -- they met as artisits many years ago doing art shows and became friends -- their enthusism and style are legend!

Have a great show gals, wish I could be there.

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Elizabeth Holcombe said...

I will absolutely be there!~~~XXOO, Beth

Theresa said...

Such wonderful eye candy for the quilter in me... buttons, ribbon, and lace.... OH MY!!!!



Stacey said...

Thanks Jen Dearie for the blog,
Debbie and i just chatted today about the final plans for the weekend , we have been feverishly working on packing up all those buttons and trims and fabrics. (Also looking forward to Indian food, Cosmos and opening our Xmas gifts to each other at night after the show!). To those of you in blog-land, stop by at our booth and say hello,

laurie meseroll said...

oh I am dying--I LOVE their stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(gee thanks Stacey--you didn't have to rub it in about the Indian food and cosmos!!!!)

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