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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sweet News

Debbee Thibault has done it again!

How she continues to amaze me with her designs is a joy made only sweeter by our friendship.

Debbee has just announced her newest pieces for winter 2009...and we've included a group image here of her classic papier mache figures.

And wow! Her jewelry is utterly captivating and I am thrilled that these new pieces expand on the 3 charm sets -- as necklaces -- that she created exclusively for Earth Angels in 2008...this is the start of something great.

We will be e-mailing full details to those of you on our mailing list who collect and admire Debbee's work. Watch your in-box for full details....

To show her newest works, Debbee will visit us here in Warwick, NY next week as a featured artist at our 2nd annual "heART of winter" event...she will then attend another Earth Angels event in Costa Mesa, California on March 21st hosted at the renown locale "Paris to the Moon" -- details to follow.

Congrats to Debbee on another season of beautiful art -- some of it wearable! -- I cannot wait to see you and these new pieces next week!

xxoo Jen
Earth Angels


Laurie Meseroll said...

holy...!!! I want ALL of the jewelry--I can't wait!!!

diane allison-stroud said...

oh yummy! she always is inspired to create the most wonderful things...

Anonymous said...

Wow...everything looks unbelievably beautiful! I'm in Delaware, trying to manage a trip to New York, right now...Karen Cannon

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Debbee is a darling, and everything she creates is the most lovely. Comes from her joy filled heart!
xo Lidy

Jennifer Paganelli said...

She blew me away with her work and the soul that matched the have a star in her...xoxoJen

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