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Friday, December 5, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Once again Earth Angel Dara DiMagno has artfully mastered a challenge...she has created something new from something old. And, it's no surprise, the results are FABULOUS!

Dara loves a handmade Christmas with old time charm and heirloom decorations. To celebrate the season, she has created a very limited grouping of just 60 one of a kind ornaments. She has blended original antique photos with her signature vintage findings and ephemera. Each retails for $40 (you can e-mail for images of all available)

All of the ornaments pictured are ONE OF A KIND pieces created with vintage 40's and 50's tree reflectors made of tin and foil. Each piece sparkles with glass glitter and the reverse of each design bears her signature on handmade paper or old encyclopedia papers. Like her wearable art and jewelry pieces, he has used wee sterling or vintage links, watch faces, old jewelry components and more to create these small and artful assemblages.

Yes, they do swing from this feather tree, but somehow I think a few will stay out to grace a door knob, mirror or some other spot that needs sweetening and inspiration.
Thanks Dara for these fab decorations. You take the terms "adaptive reuse" and "recycling" to artful heights!
Jen O'Connor

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Theresa said...

I love Dara's new ornaments!!!!



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