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Sunday, September 7, 2008

EVENT reminder!

WE'LL BE THERE!!! Presenting the fabulous original creations of 18 Earth Angels Artists...

Visit TENT #1 at
The Country Living Fair to see the
September 12-14 in Columbus, OH's a sneak peek of what to expect...but there's so much more....See the Country Living/Stella Show website for detials, tickets and more...

WE SURE HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT TO THE FAIR... please stop by and introduce yourself if you...
I will do my best to keep up blogging while I am on my way to Ohio...but this sure will be a crazy time...I leave NY on Wednesday 9/10 and return on Monday...but yes, I will be checking e-mails!

Then, just a few days after I return from Ohio, we have our BARN SALE on 9/20 and 21 here in Warwick.
(...if you cannot make it to Ohio, we sure hope you can make it to the Barn Sale to see gobs of new goodies and enjoy some very special pricing...)
xxoo Jen


Melissa said...

Have a safe & wonderful trip! Wish I could go too.
I'll see you at the barn sale.

DEBRA said...

Oh it sounds so fun. I wish I could go. I will be anxiously awaiting pictures and stories from your experience! Can't wait!
~Debra of

DEBRA said...

Oh it sounds so fun. I wish I could go. I will be anxiously awaiting pictures and stories from your experience! Can't wait!
~Debra of

Sleepy Hollow Craft Company said...

Your tent was AMAZING!!! I just love all of the goodies I picked up there~ you gals took the CL Fair to a whole new level of FABULOUSNESS!!!! I was so tickled to finally see some of the Earth Angels toys in person and some of the actual "Earth Angels" too!!!~ I am still drooling at all of the creativity and artistry!!! Thanks for being there!!! I hope that despite the rain you had a good turn out throughout the weekend :)
~Jenelle O'Malley

Lori said...

HI Jen!!!!

Hoping that you are rested up after the Fair ~ What a treat it was to meet you in person and mingle with your Earth Angels'!!!!

I am still riding on a high of color & inspiration after visiting your awesome tent...*WOW*

Please drop by my blog to see the pictures I took of your artisans!!!

Blessd be,
Lori from Notforgotten Farm

Becky said...

I just had to stop by and say, I attended this show in Ohio and Earth Angels booth was my very first stop. Oh how I enjoyed it all so very much. To see all these talanted artist work in person was a trill I'll never forget. Thanks so much for such a good job, and making my trip so very worth the long drive from Virginia.


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